The Moon It Leaves Silver

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The Moon it Leaves Silver is a beaded manifestation strand necklace. She is composed of clear and cloudy quartz measuring 19.5” in length. She has been charmed with a copper electroformed mourning hand clasp. All the copper elements in this design have been oxidized and hand polished, giving them a unique, antique finish.

Cloudy Quartz (also known as Milk Diamonds) have the same healing properties of clear quartz, with a bit of added aesthetic flavor. The grey color is caused by inclusions of tiny bubbles of gas and/or water. Its luster is what gives it its charm and the characteristic of its ghostly appearance.

Clear comes in a variety of types and is known as a “Master Healer,” one of the most powerful healing stones around. Quartz absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Quartz balances the chakras and revitalizes ones aura as it aligns ones posture and clears stagnant energy. This is a powerful crystal used for cleansing and amplifying.

Each bead was hand selected and strung to ensure it’s one of a kind quality. The patterns chosen came in a meditative, rhythmic state, so each strand is one of a kind and will not be recreated in its exact way. It is recommended to store your strand flat, not hanging, when not being worn to prevent stretching of the wire.

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