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Nerine is an ancient Megalodon tooth talisman. I have repaired her wounds from centuries of journeys in the fathoms below with spirit quartz and rainbow moonstone, infused forever by electroformed copper - ready for her new adventure on land. She was made to offer strength, protection, and determination.

Nerine measures 3.25” at her highest and 3” at her widest. She rests below an 18” nickel free copper chain that has been hand oxidized and polished.

Prehistoric Shark Teeth are fossils that have incredible energy and are a natural link between you and the Water Element. Shark teeth provide protective energies and strike a chord with your own predatory abilities. Carrying or wearing Shark Teeth was said to provide protection against evil spirits and believed to keep us safe while at sea. Many ancient cultures said that finding a Shark Tooth was a good omen and thought to bring good luck for life.

The largest shark to exist in prehistoric times was the Megladon, meaning “big tooth”. A tooth becomes a fossil when it is buried in sediment after being shed from a shark's mouth. The sediment prevents oxygen and harmful bacteria from reaching the tooth and destroying it. The general fossilization process varies greatly, but in general it takes approximately 10,000 years for a tooth to become a true fossil.

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