Above The Roiling Dark

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"The moon grew full, then slowly pared itself down until it shriveled into a ghostly boat riding above the roiling dark. Then it fell out of the sky. They climbed into it, left land behind, and floated out to sea."
-Patricia A. McKillip

Silver Sheen Obsidian is a rare variety of Obsidian found primarily in Mexico. It’s alluring iridescence is created by small inclusions of water vapor bubbles trapped inside the black volcanic glass. It has a calm, cool energy that helps us to be directly conscious of what is happening inside us and around us, and to face that reality without fear or denial. It invites us rise up to whatever challenges we are faced with and to make good choices. It helps us to realize that thoughts and feelings don’t need to be magnified or over-analyzed. Our internal dialogue is just information about what is happening outside and inside of us.

Above the Roiling Dark is a flashy silver sheen obsidian talisman, set between two ethically sourced rib bones that have been immortalized in electroformed copper, hand oxidized and polished to give a gloomy weathered appearance. She measures 3.25” in height and rests below a 24” nickel free copper chain.

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